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Sponsorship is very important to Team Wacky Races. If you can help build our Mean Machine, please get in touch.

We have our biggest build yet, its going to take every ounce of effort to pull this off. So we are asking for help for a few things. 

This is mainly down to the cost of what we are doing, but also the skills needed to achieve what we are trying to.


If you can help in any of the following areas, please, please get in touch. The lower the cost the better, Free is amazing. 

We can repay the help you have given us by giving you a place on our Thank You page, with a link to your site, plus, where we can, we will mention you whenever we are featured in a publication. (Last year we were published in 5 newspapers, 3 of them twice, We ended up on Gerry Anderson's website and blog, and was tweeted by Jamie Anderson) 

This year we are going epic with the car, so expect a lot of attention.


We are looking for the following help:-


Fibreglass.  This has now been supplied, thanks.

We knew when we decided to go with this theme that we would need a lot of fibreglass, approx 15M2 (2 layers). If you supply Fibreglass or deal with it and want to help a fantastic cause, please get in touch. We are OK with applying it, its just the supply of the material we need help with. 

Spraying the car. This has now been supplied, Thanks

After we have finished with the transformation its going to need to look pretty, in the past we have brush painted the car's, however, this year we believe it will benefit greatly from a really good professional spray. If you have the facilities and skills to do this and want to contribute to our cause, please get in touch.


Car Graphics This has now been sorted, thanks PR Signs

We are looking for someone who can print car graphics / signs to do a little printing for us. We will need a few printing. If you can help us with this, please let us know. 


Wiring up a 'trailer board'. This has been sorted now.

This is a bit complicated, due to the alterations that will be done to the car, the rear lights will not be visible, So we will have a trailer board on the back of the car for the lights / number plate. Unfortunately none of the Team can do this magic, its beyond our skill-set. We need this doing properly as the car may return to the UK after the event, if it does, we will need a new MOT. 

All About the Charity

Team Wacky Races are all about the Charity. We have funded the car, the alterations and travel costs ourselves. So 100% of what we raise goes to our Charity. 

This is why we ask for as much help building the car as we can. We are working on a budget and the more help we get the better the car, and the better the charity pot. 

so please if you can help us in any way, do get in touch.

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 We have a page to thank anybody that have helped us with our challenge. 

This can include an advert (if you have a business) including a link to it.


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