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The Website

We have a website for every Rally, but this year, as with the car, we wanted to go that bit further. 

Last year we was asked if we would do events with our car, People wanted to have their photo taken, or just wanted to see it.

So this year, we have build a dedicated website to keep you updated with our project, and to let you know when and where we will be.

Its been a bit of a challenge getting it right, as it needs to look good and work properly on both Computers and Mobile phones. I think we have managed it ok.

If you have any suggestions regarding the website, please do get in touch.


All About the Charity

Team Wacky Races are all about the Charity. We have funded the car, the alterations and travel costs ourselves. So 100% of what we raise goes to our Charity. 

This is why we ask for as much help building the car as we can. We are working on a budget and the more help we get the better the car, and the better the charity pot. 

so please if you can help us in any way, do get in touch.

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Thanks to

 We have a page to thank anybody that have helped us with our challenge. 

This can include an advert (if you have a business) including a link to it.


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