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The Build Part 3

The Front

Unfortunately I had a phone issue and some of the photos got deleted, but here is what I have.

The front is made from house insulation left over from the Thunderbird (its great for moulding) I had previously shaped it (photos lost) and this is the fitting.

I had made a mistake with the angle on the top, so I will have to do some re-shaping, oh joy.

Now re-shaped, all looks ok. Lots of expanding adhesive to hold in place before fiberglassing.

looks ok.

Pop the dorsal fin on, and see what it looks like now. Looking good.

All About the Charity

Team Wacky Races are all about the Charity. We have funded the car, the alterations and travel costs ourselves. So 100% of what we raise goes to our Charity. 

This is why we ask for as much help building the car as we can. We are working on a budget and the more help we get the better the car, and the better the charity pot. 

so please if you can help us in any way, do get in touch.

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 We have a page to thank anybody that have helped us with our challenge. 

This can include an advert (if you have a business) including a link to it.


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