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The Build Part 5

The Paint Job

After consideration, I decided to paint the car with rattle-cans.

TO Clean / prepare the car, I wiped it down with solvent, then washed it 3 times, then a good long rinse.

After 2 hours of Masking up, the spraying commenced. Awesome day for it, 19 degrees and no wind.

All sprayed, 3 coats should do it I think.

Looking good

Just needs the nose cone putting on then the stickers. 

(oh, lets not forget wiring the bubble machine up too!)


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The Build Part 4

The Bubble Machine


I took a bunch of Bubble Wands and glued them into a circle.

The large black electrical thing is the remnants of a 12v Travel hairdryer, with the heating elements removed. That should blow hard enough. 

The small brass thing is a slow geared motor to turn the bubble wands. 

The Hairdryer is bonded to the main unit with Fibreglass. 
The Main unit is actually a Waste Drain Pipe sealed.

Fitting the wands to the unit.

All Wired and finished.

Now fitted in the Rockets section.

Unfortunately the pictures of me building the rocket section got deleted. But this is the finished item.

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The Build Part 3

The Front

Unfortunately I had a phone issue and some of the photos got deleted, but here is what I have.

The front is made from house insulation left over from the Thunderbird (its great for moulding) I had previously shaped it (photos lost) and this is the fitting.

I had made a mistake with the angle on the top, so I will have to do some re-shaping, oh joy.

Now re-shaped, all looks ok. Lots of expanding adhesive to hold in place before fiberglassing.

looks ok.

Pop the dorsal fin on, and see what it looks like now. Looking good.

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The Build Part 2

The Dorsal Fin

The dorsal fin has been designed so it can be removed quickly, so we can raise / lower the roof. so.....

To start I took 4 lengths of thin plywood, formed them over the roof then glued/ clamped them together until solid.

You can see 2 bolts at the front, this was the key for fast removal. I was quite please with the shape after it had cured.

Dry fitting the Fin, again using Plywood for strength and weight.

I think that fits nicely, time to paint it up.

All done, just need to finish the rest now.

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The build Part 1

Building the framework for the rear

For weight and strength, I chose plywood layers, cutting the main supports was quite a challenge

You can now see it start coming to shape. 

I took the boot completely off and bolted the frame to the car. It was surprisingly strong.

A few for supports, its now strong enough to jump on.

Couple more supports, just in case then I built a wooden web and covered it in Aluminium mesh, which loves to rip your hands to bits, I really should have worn gloves.

All done, just needs a few layers of lovely Fibreglass now.
You can also see the body wrap on here, that all needs to come off too.

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Our Charity

We have now decided our charity this year will be Barnardo's. We chose this for a few reasons, One of the team is a Foster Carer and has worked with Barnardo's and knows what work they do. also, as the car is being based on a children's cartoon, its is a logical choice to choose a children's charity.


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The Website

We have a website for every Rally, but this year, as with the car, we wanted to go that bit further. 

Last year we was asked if we would do events with our car, People wanted to have their photo taken, or just wanted to see it.

So this year, we have build a dedicated website to keep you updated with our project, and to let you know when and where we will be.

Its been a bit of a challenge getting it right, as it needs to look good and work properly on both Computers and Mobile phones. I think we have managed it ok.

If you have any suggestions regarding the website, please do get in touch.


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The Car

This little gem was seen for sale the week we started looking.

Its a Mercedes Benz CLK Convertible. The car we need doesn't have to be in very good condition, it just needs to legally get us to Benidorm, And some promotional work in the UK before we go. This car was perfect, it has an MOT passed the rally finish and the car itself is in good condition.

There are however some issues with it, the 2 main ones are the roof doesn't work, and needs to be lowered / raised by hand, the other issue is it needs 3 tyres. 

However, apparently the wheels are not the original wheels and are worth quite a bit. So the plan is to buy a set of original wheels and sell the wheels that are on it, maybe even make a few quid too, fingers crossed.

The car also has a 'body wrap' on it that will need to come off, so that sounds fun. The car is actually silver.


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Our Idea

This is the third time we have done the Benidorm or Bust charity rally and we wanted something amazing. Last year we really pulled thew stops out with our bubble blowing Thunderbird 4. This year we wanted to beat it, but how.

We thrashed so may ideas around, from 'The Walking Dead', to 'Game of Thrones' to 'Mr Tumbles Car' but nothing sat right. Then we came up with Wacky Races, looking back at previous rally's, we couldn't see another Wacky Races Car, so it'll be a first, hopefully. Plus its such a fun car, the kids (and grown up kids) will love it. The big problem is how we pull it off, its a big build.

First we need the right car. It has to be a convertible, but most convertibles are quite small in the back, and we need it big enough for 2 adults for 6 hours a time to sit in the back.

Next we had a design issue, a lot of convertibles when the roof retracts moves the boot, or has something that goes over the boot. This wouldn't work for us, we need to build to boot quite high, maybe even removing the boot lid.

We narrowed it down to 3 cars, a Mercedes Benz, BMW or AUDI A4 or bigger.  And with a very limited budget, this is going to be a tough challenge.

Amazingly, the first week we set out to find a car, we saw one, right price, right condition and only 5 miles from a team member.



All About the Charity

Team Wacky Races are all about the Charity. We have funded the car, the alterations and travel costs ourselves. So 100% of what we raise goes to our Charity. 

This is why we ask for as much help building the car as we can. We are working on a budget and the more help we get the better the car, and the better the charity pot. 

so please if you can help us in any way, do get in touch.

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