Benidorm or Bust is an annual charity rally that takes place in May/June. 

There are usually 100-150 vehicles each vehicle can have 2-5 drivers / passengers. The main aim is to raise as much money for charity as we can. 

In 2018 all the teams raised over £151K for their respective charities, we raised around £2000 of this. An absolutely fantastic effort fro every team.

Along with raising money, its also fun, you meet many people and the atmosphere is amazing. We are all working together. It is NOT a race, there is no prize for 1st one to Benidorm. There are prizes, but these are for:-

Best Car

Best Outfit

Best 'Spirit of the event'

In fact many teams travel in small groups to help each other, as some cars don't make it, they 'bust'. 

The official rally starts on Wednesday 15th May in Dover, however there are many meet ups on Tuesday 14th around the UK and convoy down to Dover for a pre-rally curry and get together.

We will be setting off early on the Tuesday and will be meeting up with a a few teams at a service station on the M6.

This year the route has changed a bit, crossing to the south of France, Over the Pyrenees and through Andorra, down into Spain and on to Benidorm.

There are many challenges set up buy the organisers, one in the morning and another at the mid day point. No one knows what they are in this rally as the organisers have announced they have changed them. 


All About the Charity

Team Wacky Races are all about the Charity. We have funded the car, the alterations and travel costs ourselves. So 100% of what we raise goes to our Charity. 

This is why we ask for as much help building the car as we can. We are working on a budget and the more help we get the better the car, and the better the charity pot. 

so please if you can help us in any way, do get in touch.

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 We have a page to thank anybody that have helped us with our challenge. 

This can include an advert (if you have a business) including a link to it.


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